love it.

People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone.
audrey hepburn.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i believe in love.

i believe that when you fall you get back up again.

i believe in second chances.

i believe in magical nights.

i believe that the best things in life are free.

i believe that eyes are a window to soul.

i believe that less is more.

i believe in never giving up.

i believe in pursuing your passions.

i believe in lost hopes.

i believe that crying is sometimes necessary.

i believe laughter is the best medicine.

i believe in true friends.

i believe that anger ruins the soul.

i believe that singing at the top of our lungs is a must.

i believe in running away from temptation.

i believe in blue skies.

i believe that rainbows are a promise.

i believe in someone loving you even if you don't deserve it.

i believe in good night sleeps.

i believe in nightmares.

i believe in kisses.

i believe in super high under ducks.

i believe that children teach us far more than we teach them.

i believe in shooting stars.

i believe in a good romance novel.

i believe in peppermint tea.

i believe in the depths of despair. i've been there.

i believe in new beginnings.

i believe in heaven.

i believe that we are all lost souls searching for something greater than ourselves....

i believe that tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes in it.

i believe in walking in each others shoes.

i believe in angels.

i believe in words. lots and lots of words.

i believe that some pictures speak much more than anyone could ever say.

i believe in ghosts.

i believe that inner beauty trumps outer beauty, yet our world promotes the opposite.

i believe in miracles.

i believe that dreams do come true.

i believe in staying up late.

i believe that life is an adventure.

i believe that smiling makes all the difference.

i believe in warm sunshiny days.

i believe in believing. hoping for only the best.

i believe that with God anything is possible.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in your rays...

it's the first of september and all i can think about is how the sweet summer is slowly slipping through my fingers and all i can do is watch it vanish. leaves begin to fall. a crisp breeze begins to blow and soon all that's left are tiny remnants of what used to be. sandals are traded in for boots. shorts are tossed aside for jeans. sunglasses are retired. it's as if a part of me is buried away in the back of the closet. as if a piece of me is forced to hibernate for the winter. the longing to rewind back to a time of hot weather and bathing suits, watermelon and barbecues, windows down with the wind flying across my face, roadtrips and skies full of stars, only increases. summer. my favorite season. fading. i adore fall, but saying farewell to the season of warmth and sunlight just makes me melancholy. some people might live for school. or fashion. their dog or bucket-loads of food. snowboarding or softball... but me... i live for summer. for a chance to bask in the hot sunshine i would swim oceans. basically i would do the unthinkable. who doesn't love summer? being sun-kissed. barefoot. out amongst nature. flushed and glowing 24/7... summer - the essence of earthy, wild and pure, unadulterated contentment. let's do it all over again. or better yet, have summer all year round! i'd be more than thrilled in a world like that... but alas, bc boasts it's four seasons and abundant rainfall. so i guess i'll keep my fingers crossed for a beautiful september... after all fall doesn't commence until the 23rd! folks we have 22 more days.