love it.

People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone.
audrey hepburn.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

logs & specks.

Someone once told me... the things you dislike in others are the very things you detest in yourself... i think he may be on to something... it's like that verse. the one about removing the log from your own eye. instead of the speck in your friends eye. focusing on YOUR downfalls. as opposed to picking apart those of your friends. i believe that what bothers us in others is most often what we long to change about in ourselves. yet we do so unaware. we think that they have the problem. the vice. the unflattering characteristic. but when it all comes down to it. we do. we are all the more ugly inside for how we judge others. although it doesn't account for everything... some things are unbearably bothersome in others because you wish they were MORE like you. still abhorring their downfalls yet in a different manner. we instead make them feel terrible for not feeling as we do. not looking like we do. not smelling. decision-making. problem- solving. joking. dancing. dressing as we do. we get SO upset and consumed in us.ourselves. you & me. simply because we want them to view life from our perspective. with our experience. with our habits. drive. dreams. desires. through our very eyes. instead of how they see it. but if that were the case. we'd all be robots. clones. and who wants to give up their individuality? not ME!

- - - Sometimes we long to mimic. to alter ourselves ever so slightly. to be who we would rather be. we're never satisfied with ourselves. but we have to be. we are who we are. and yes we can improve. get our hair done. paint our nails. go to the gym... but as cheesy as it sounds the inside is still the only thing worth anything. because it will show on the outside whether you try to conceal it or not. so focus instead on you when you catch yourself looking for the bad in others. dig deep into your soul and find the good. the dazzling. the unique. the quirky. the beautiful. the things that make you, you. find the changes you need to make. and make them. i think that once you find what makes you tick. what drives you. feeds your soul. life gets rosier. and i believe that when you find what you need to seriously work on, then life is much less dramatic and stressful. less picking apart. more building up and into the lives of those around you. much more fulfilling and friend-friendly. (like family-friendly :) logs are not only no longer found in the eyes of your best buds. but the specks have vanished from your own!
me & my best friends.
" just be yourself, everyone else is already taken"
xo karli rae.