love it.

People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone.
audrey hepburn.

Friday, April 1, 2011

forever 21.

Well folks i turn 22 tomorrow... and frankly i just don't want too. 21 is such a romantic age. and not romantic in the romance. boy meets girl sorta way. but in the adventuresome. like anything can happen. chase your dreams. catch fireflies. sorta way... i wish i could be 21 forever!i feel as though my youth is slipping away from me and i know. i know that's silly... because look on the bright side. twenty- two is much better than twenty- three after all... i mean what an age gap?! right? and twenty- three is far better than twenty-four and so on. but i just can't help but feel like there's so much left to do. so many more places to go. so many more things i ache to see. so many adventures yet to be had. and it's all happening too fast. and i just need life to slow down. for me to enjoy it. to soak it all in. i rarely look forward to my birthday - - - except when i was a kid - - - and maybe that's because i've never liked being the center of attention. or i've never felt like it was completely mine. (i have a twin) so it was about her too. it wasn't solely MY day... i also hate getting older. when you're young you want forever to be 'grown up' and then when you're finally all grown you want nothing more than to be young again... most birthday's in my teens i'd sit by the clock and count down the minutes until i was no longer a certain age. all the while repeating over and over to myself i'm 13 years old, i'm 13 years old, i'm still 13! and then 5:35am rolled around and i was no longer 13... to me it was sad... and yet i realize it's inevitable. and i realize age is fleeting. but i still want to hold on to the past. i'm a past dweller. i love to look at what's happened in my life. to reminisce. to replay memories over and over in my head. to grasp at the wonderfully candid straws of my life already lived. the moments that not only make up my life. but have shaped it so extraordinarily. and then i realize the year i had was remarkable. it wasn't wasted or missed. forgotten. or unwisely spent. it was exactly what i made it to be. it was my 21st year and i lived it with everything i had! i'm not disappointed. nothing is lost. life goes on and we all grow more mature. wiser.better looking. okay older too... it was a good year. besides - - - everyone grows old with you and i think that's the very best part of getting old!
but i still hope to always be in my heart... forever 21. xo karli.