love it.

People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone.
audrey hepburn.

Friday, January 28, 2011

make happy happen.

i've come to the conclusion. rather the discovery... that happy is a choice. yes it's an emotion too. but firstly it's something you mentally tell yourself that it's what you want to be. all life's hardest decisions stem from our most earnest desires. because we know what we want. but we either don't know how to get there. or we don't want to fail so we don't even try. but if we don't make a conscious effort to make them happen. they won't. they will slip through our fingers. and we will wonder why they never came to be.

...if we let happy slip away, than what is life but a dull. gloomy. cloud wrought with trouble and sorrow and pain. if best friends leave and boyfriends are dumped and the phone never rings. and depression we've decided is not an option. than happiness shall reign. for no amount of naps or tears. or lonely nights staring off into space will ever change your outlook if you don't change your heart. and your head. get up. dust yourself off. and move on. make happy happen. you are in your life already. you can't 'start' living it again. but you need to put your heart into living again.

- - - so happy is a choice. it's daily choosing to have a positive outlook at the wide world. to say i will not let the darkness hold me back. i will persevere. press on. fight for what i know and believe to be what i need. what i am missing. and cannot live without. it's my desire and wish to be happy. content. blithe. cheerful. giddy. delightful. filled with mirth. i want to exude happiness. to radiate with it.
to be truly happy is to love. and to SMILE. to LAUGH. to GIGGLE. to put the lives of others first. to look past yourself and say my happiness. my attitude. my ecstatic need to live and breathe for jesus is what will change the world. what will get me through the day. and not just through it. or make it simply bearable. but make me adore the day. praise the day. look at the day and say that was fantastic. let's do it again... each day is a gift. and happiness should be the way we choose to spend it.